In the kitchens, smokehouses, maturing cellars, at the beehives, bread ovens or the grain mills - these journey to the origins of good taste reveals new perspectives and the finest taste experiences! Take the step from consumer to co-producer together with our food artisans. Anyone who has churned butter, kneaded dough, made Carinthian pasta or collected wild herbs will enjoy things differently. More consciously. And in addition to the product itself, an abundant treasure of memories, experiences and new knowledge can be taken home. Here are all the dates at a glance.

Participation in a Slow Food Travel experience always involves at least 1 day's preparation time at the farms for the production and preparation of the food. We therefore request that you make and pay for your booking for a Slow Food Travel experience no later than 5pm two days in advance. Once the booking has been paid by credit card or bank transfer, your participation is guaranteed. You will then receive a voucher (gift voucher) which will be emailed to you once payment has been received.

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Accommodation in the Slow Food Travel destination

Travelling, enjoying, savouring, arriving. Getting in touch with the land, its people and its cuisine. This longing is satisfied by the world’s first Slow Food Travel destination, which has been created in the Gailtal Valley and Lesachtal Valley. Because here you will get to know dedicated producers personally, work side by side with them and experience how much attention to detail goes into creating their food.

At our selected and certified accommodations, you will get to know our Slow Food holiday region thoroughly. You will stay in the middle of a diverse natural landscape full of variety, where the hosts also take responsibility for a healthy, sustainable food and eating culture.

What do you want to discover?

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