Mitmachen & Entdecken

Die Slow Food Travel Erlebnisse im Lesach,- Gail,- Gitschtal sowie Weissensee

In den Küchen, Selchkammern, Reifekellern, an den Bienenstöcken, Brotbacköfen oder den Kornmühlen - diese Reisen zu den Ursprüngen des guten Geschmacks eröffnen neue Sichtweisen und feinste Geschmackserlebnisse! Machen Sie gemeinsam mit unseren Lebensmittel-Handwerkern den Schritt vom Konsumenten zum Co-Produzenten. Wer selbst Butter gerührt, Teig geknetet, Kärntner Nudeln gekrendelt oder Wildkräuter gesammelt hat, genießt anders. Bewusster. Und nimmt neben dem Produkt selbst einen reichen Schatz an Erinnerungen, Erfahrungen und neuem Wissen mit nach Hause.

from € 28
From corn field to Lesachtal Valley Bread

The mills are clacking again

from € 79
Baking the Slow Food Presidio ”Lesachtal Valley Bread“

The treasure in the oven – baking bread in the Tuffbad Almwellness resort

from € 75
Homemade original Lesachtal Valley Farmhouse Bread

Learn how to mix, knead, season and bake the bread

from € 35
Making Lesachtal Valley Wild Herb Soup

Learn about wild herbs and how to prepare a fine aromatic soup.

from € 45
From organic hay milk to cheese

From organic hay milk to cheese – butter churning and cheesemaking together with the alpine farmwoman.

from € 25
From blossom to Lesachtal Valley Honey

The sweet humming of the bees

from € 30
from € 45
Celebrated Alpine-Adriatic Slow Food Delights

Stop at Herwig Ertl’s Delicatessen

from € 40
So many different ways of preparing fish

Catching wild fish and preparing from nose to tail for hobby chefs

from € 75
Baking bread at the master baker’s

Discover old traditions and new baker’s creations: Looking for temporary apprentice bakers.

from € 75
Cooking in Sonnleitners‘ Culinary Workshop

Only the best ingredients – cook regional treasures together with the Slow Food chefs Sissy and Stefanie Sonnleitner.

from € 25
Brewing craft beer at the Loncium beer manufactory

From grandma’s soup pot to creative craft beer

from € 25
The story of the Gailtal Valley White Maize

Follow the tracks of the selected white maize kernels – from working in the fields to polenta.

from € 50
Churning butter on the Bischofalm

Churning butter on the alp: If you stir well, you will have the best butter on your bread.

from € 45
Learning how to crimp Carinthian pasta

Discover what’s inside the tasty Carinthian pasta and learn how to crimp perfectly.

from € 59
Preparing delicious herbs at the Biohotel

Serving aroma for nose and palate – picking and cooking herbs with the herbalist.

from € 55
How the good Gailtal Valley Raw Milk Cheese is made

Innovative young spirit combined with a wealth of experience – making cheese at the new cheese dairy with vaulted cellar

from € 28
Visiting the hobby beekeeper and the bees in the Gailtal Valley

Take a look inside the fascinating world of bees – and sample the golden honey.

from € 35
Tasty ice cream at the farm

Cool refreshment from Lissi's farm

from € 35
The taste of the Zerza farmer’s colourful potatoes

Harvesting and sampling potatoes fresh from the field

from € 38
Bacon production with heart and passion

Cultural heritage of the Alps: Proper curing and smoking – demonstrated by the Gailtal Valley Bacon Master.

from € 35
What garden, meadow and nature provide

Sampling “green Koschtalan“ (finger food from the farm garden) Finger food and small culinary delights

from € 27
We cook original Carinthian Frigga

Real Carinthian Frigga according to the recipe of host Hans Plattner

from € 75
Preserving with the Bärenwirt proprietors

Summer in a jar – meeting point for the taste from the garden

from € 15