Baking the Slow Food Presidio ”Lesachtal Valley Bread“


€ 69,- per person

The treasure in the oven – baking bread in the Tuffbad Almwellness resort


Bread made from natural sourdough is good for us. The organic farmwoman Theresia Lugger knows that and bakes crusty, fresh loafs together with the guests of the Oberluggauer Family in the Tuffbad Almwellness resort of the Lesachtal Valley. Baked in a traditional brick-oven - you can join in or try the recipe at home - with fresh farm butter for sampling, of course.


It is the sourdough and an extra portion of time that is so good for the bread and for us. Theresia Lugger, the organic farmwoman, tells the guests of the Oberluggauer Family in the Tuffbad Almwellness resort every Friday about the old tradition of cultivating, harvesting and grinding of the Lesachtal Valley corn, and she explains how the corn was made into crusty bread. And then it’s time for the listeners to roll up their sleeves. Because the dough, made of fine Lesachtal Valley corn and homemade sourdough, is then kneaded, shaped into beautiful loaves and adorned with traditional bread stamps – they have a very interesting story of their own. And, finally, the loaves are baked in the brick-oven, turning them into fragrant treasures. This bread-baking method was added to the Slow Food List of Presidi in 2018, thus being awarded the first Carinthian Slow Food Presidio.


Registration: At least 2 days in advance until 5 pm

Almwellness-Resort Tuffbad ****S
Fam. Oberluggauer & Obernosterer, 
Tuffbad 3
9653 St. Lorenzen
Tel. 04716 /622 

Programm von 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr. 


Erwachsene € 69,-
Kinder zwischen 10 - 15 Jahren € 49,-
Kinder unter 10 Jahren free



Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria / Kärnten

Reisen zu den Wurzeln des guten Geschmacks. Es ist eine Reise hinein in die Täler, zu ihren Menschen und Geschmäckern. Eine Reise zu den traditionellen Lebensmittelproduzenten und ihrem überlieferten Wissen und altem Handwerk. Brot backen, Käse produzieren, Bier brauen, bei der Herstellung von Gailtaler Speck dabei sein, sehen wie Imkerei funktioniert.

"Slow Food Travel Kärnten heißt aktive Teilnahme, Wissensvermittlung und gute, saubere und faire Produkte aus der Landwirtschaft." 

Contact & how to find us

Oberluggauer und Obernosterer

Tuffbad 3
9654 Tuffbad

Tel.: 04716 622