Cooking with and for children

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€ 20,- per person

Master cuisine easy as pie

Time for mini chefs

What the Kreuzwirt at Lake Weissensee serves is not only tasty, it is healthy too. The young guests of the Aigner Family’s children’s hotel learn where the food comes from and how it is prepared. The Aigner Family shows them all sorts of herbs in the organic garden and then takes the mini chefs on a tour to pot, bowl and oven. The youngest stir, knead, pluck and cook together in the kitchen and, if they have been behaving, the parents can sample the tasty result afterwards.

Healthy food is a passion of Monika and Franz Aigner. It is important where it comes from, how it is prepared and it must of course taste really good. The youngest guests turn into real chefs at the Kreuzwirt Family Hotel at Lake Weissensee. Because the Aigner Family knows: you are never too young to be a gourmet. The famous “taste of childhood“ must be experienced as a child, hence the search for junior talents for the kitchen. First stop of the mini groups of maximum five children is the organic garden where all sorts of herbs and vegetables are growing. Back in the kitchen, the children enjoy stirring, kneading and mixing. Traditional things like bread and original Carinthian Reindling (yeast-based cake), but also refreshing treats like fruit juices and salads or favourite dishes like apple turnovers or fruit pizza are on the menu. Being careful and seasoning is a must because the creations are sampled together afterwards. There are also some children’s recipes for taking home, thus the taste of the holiday can be enjoyed for a long time afterwards.

Registration: At least 2 days in advance until 5 pm

Familienhotel KREUZWIRT
Familie Monika & Franz Aigner mit Team
Kreuzberg 2 
9762 Weissensee
Tel. +43 4713 2206 

Das Programm findet von 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr statt. 
Teilnehmerzahl: max. 5 Kinder


Preis pro Kind:  € 20,--



Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria / Kärnten

Reisen zu den Wurzeln des guten Geschmacks. Es ist eine Reise hinein in die Täler, zu ihren Menschen und Geschmäckern. Eine Reise zu den traditionellen Lebensmittelproduzenten und ihrem überlieferten Wissen und altem Handwerk. Brot backen, Käse produzieren, Bier brauen, bei der Herstellung von Gailtaler Speck dabei sein, sehen wie Imkerei funktioniert.

"Slow Food Travel Kärnten heißt aktive Teilnahme, Wissensvermittlung und gute, saubere und faire Produkte aus der Landwirtschaft." 

Contact & how to find us

Familie Monika und Franz Aigner mit Team

Kreuzberg 2
9762 Weissensee

Tel.: 04713 2206