Preparing delicious herbs at the Biohotel


€ 59,- per person

A passion for herbs

Serving aroma for nose and palate – picking and cooking herbs with the herbalist.

Biohotel der daberer is famous far beyond the borders of the Gailtal Valley. A little gem. An innovative hotelier’s family. A place where the Slow Food philosophy has been lived for a long time already and where regional producers have always been welcome. Organic is the keyword for green quality here, and this is reflected in the kitchen as well as in the spa.

The sunny hills of St. Daniel are an herb paradise where Inge Daberer is at home. Her aromatic favourites have been a must on the table as well as in the kitchen for many years. And she is also the author of an herb cookbook. Inge Daberer takes her Slow Food Travel guests to the places where the most beautiful herbs are growing when the lovingly created garden of Biohotel der daberer flourishes and blossoms and a promising fragrance also fills the air on the meadows and in the forests.  Garden as well as wild herbs are determined and everyone can pick their very own salad mix. Then you work together in the new kochwerkstatt.tafelfreunde workshop and create fragrant specialities like herb vinegar, herb spreads or herbal lemonade for example. The carefully and lovingly created specialities can then be enjoyed at a delightful lunch of herbs on the sun terrace of der daberer – beautiful view to the green Gailtal Valley included.

der daberer. das biohotel
9635 Dellach im Gailtal, St. Daniel 17

Biohotel Der Daberer in St. Daniel im Gailtal

Programm von 10:00 - 13:00 Uhr. Maximal 8 Teilnehmer.

Registration: At least 2 days in advance until 5 pm



Erwachsene € 59,-
Kinder zwischen 10 - 15 Jahren € 29,50
Kinder unter 10 Jahren Gratis



Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria / Kärnten

Reisen zu den Wurzeln des guten Geschmacks. Es ist eine Reise hinein in die Täler, zu ihren Menschen und Geschmäckern. Eine Reise zu den traditionellen Lebensmittelproduzenten und ihrem überlieferten Wissen und altem Handwerk. Brot backen, Käse produzieren, Bier brauen, bei der Herstellung von Gailtaler Speck dabei sein, sehen wie Imkerei funktioniert.

"Slow Food Travel Kärnten heißt aktive Teilnahme, Wissensvermittlung und gute, saubere und faire Produkte aus der Landwirtschaft." 

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