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Slowing down, appreciating quality, really enjoying and getting involved instead of just collecting impressions. The fact that all this works so well in the world's first Slow Food Travel destination is no coincidence. Because geographically speaking, this quiet border region is a bit off the beaten track. No large urban centres, no important routeways. There is instead a pristine natural environment that has won many awards. It is precisely these conditions that have forced the people of the Gailtal and Lesachtal valleys to go their own way. To focus on what nature has to offer. The result is a kind of "Gallic village" in terms of cuisine and tourism, which has been able to preserve many of its own characteristics. And the luxury of going at its own pace. Those who immerse themselves in this world can look forward to people who take their time. To enjoy, explain, celebrate and switch off together.

"It is the people who shape the taste of our region"

Viaggiare alle radici dei buoni sapori:

Le valli Gailtal, Lesachtal e il lago Weissensee si trovano lungo le Alpi Carniche in Carinzia, nel sud dell’Austria.

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