Lissi Neuwirth's "cool" farmhouse ice cream - seasonal and regional
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Lissi Neuwirth lives with her husband, her three daughters and her grandparents on the idyllic Maar Farm in Goderschach in the Gailtal Valley. Here, at the foot of the Carnic Alps on the Gailtal Valley Cycle Track (R3), guests often also enjoy the "real life" on the farm. The committed farmer thinks that her 20 cows have a "cool" life - in summer on the pasture, in winter in the free-run barn. The idea of making her own farmhouse ice cream from their fresh milk has sparked great enthusiasm on the farm - especially among Lissi's three girls.

However, this idea took a long time to mature, because Lissi and her husband had to do a lot of research on the topic of "making natural ice cream" until they found the right concept and equipment. The dedicated farmer works exclusively with pure ingredients from the region or Carinthia/Austria (except for nut pulp and vanilla), depending on where they are available. Herbs and flowers come from her own garden. Pastes, sauces and variegati are made with the seasonal ingredients and preserved on site. The fruit ice cream is made as sorbet, with a particularly high fruit content.

“Our first really big order was at the herb festival in Irschen. The task was: "We need herb ice cream. Can you make some?" With the right recipes and fantastic raw materials, we made lavender, lemon balm and basil ice cream - that was a bit exciting after all."
Lissi Neuwirth, who loves to experiment, says excitedly about her first "big order".

Each of the many types of ice cream is now made according to an individual recipe, which is adjusted to the sugar content of the fruit and the fat content of the ingredients. This makes Lissi very flexible and quick in developing or trying out new varieties.

How I make my farm ice cream

What to look out for when making ice cream, what equipment and preparation is needed, how fruits are cut and herbs are plucked, how the tasty ingredients are then added to the cream and what needs to be done so that in the end you can enjoy your favourite ice cream - all this can be tried out on site at the Maar Farm. In addition, there are tips on storage, how to spice up your own ice cream and very special recipe ideas.

"I want to make my customers aware of the ingredients in food and beverages, and that our farmers really make an effort to bring good products to the table. Seasonal and regional - these are important points to consider as a consumer."
Lissi is looking forward to welcoming many ice cream connoisseurs at the Slow Food Travel experience.
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