Slow Food Travel experiences

Slow Food Travel experiences in the Lesachtal, Gailtal, Gitschtal valleys and Lake Weissensee

Enjoy, savour, arrive. Get in touch with the land, the people and the culinary delights. This longing is satisfied by the offers of the first Slow Food Travel destination in the Lesachtal, Gailtal, Gitschtal valleys and Lake Weissensee. Here it's all about moments of experience in slow motion. Because you enjoy more intensely if you slow down. Previously undiscovered things suddenly come into the otherwise narrowed perspective.

A journey to the roots of good taste is enjoying with understanding!

Cultivating taste teaches us to live better and smarter.

Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food

Journey to the roots of good taste

However, many Slow Food Travel experiences go one step further and get guests out of the role of passive observers. If you want to join in, you can look forward to meeting interesting people who are happy to open their doors to show you how much regionality, fairness and sustainability is in their products! Work side by side with them and see for yourself how much skill and attention to detail goes into making their food.

Journey to the roots of good taste:

The Gailtal Valley, Lesachtal Valley and Lake Weissensee are located along the Carnic Alps in Carinthia in the south of Austria.

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