Slow Trail Lake Pressegger See

Slowly through the reeds - "Slow Trail" at Lake Pressegger See

My first glance is up at the mountains, their peaks rising steeply towards the blue sky. The Gailtal and Carnic Alps form a protective frame around Lake Pressegger See. Its dense reed belt only opens up a narrow path. I spot a great crested grebe among the high stalks. Its grey plumage shimmers in the sun. I watch it for a while and continue on my way to the steep slope of the bank. From here I can see the typical Carnic mountain peaks with the particularly beautiful Nassfeld. An old boathouse balances on the glistening water below. A few swimmers slowly do their laps. And I think to myself: soon I will be one of them.

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The Slow Trail around Lake Pressegger See starts at the lido in Hermagor. You should plan at least 1.5 hours for the easy 6-kilometre hike. But it's better not to set yourself a time limit, instead enjoy the relaxing moment of walking amidst the magnificent reed landscape. 

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The Gailtal Valley, Lesachtal Valley and Lake Weissensee are located along the Carnic Alps in Carinthia in the south of Austria.

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