Lake Zollnersee on the Carnic High Route

In the Carnic Alps, pointed and rounded, smooth and rough, grey, blue and red stones and rocks tell of the wonders of this earth. Nature has written a picture book of Earth's history in the Gailtal Valley, which here dates back almost 500 million years. The evidence of the past has turned to stone - and you can find it along the Geotrails.

Carnic Alps Geopark

Geotrail – Lake Zollnersee

Around Lake Zollnersee, there are not only rock deposits from the older Palaeozoic era, but also from the younger Palaeozoic era. The former is the basement, so to speak, while the latter forms the upper floor. You will learn more about the formation of the Alps, the eternal struggle between land and sea, the coming into being and passing away of nature - and all this around 300 million years ago.

Arrival - Option I: Dellach - Weidenburg - Gratzhof - Dellacher Alm - Rösserhütte - Zollnersee-Hütte car park.

Arrival - Option II: Stranig - Straniger Alm - Waidegger Alm car park.
Carnic High Route 403.

Length approx. 5 km. Duration: 1.5 hours.

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The Gailtal Valley, Lesachtal Valley and Lake Weissensee are located along the Carnic Alps in Carinthia in the south of Austria.

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