The Mussen

One of the last large alpine hay meadows in the Carinthian Lesachtal Valley

The Mussen, high above the Carinthian Lesachtal Valley, is one of the last large alpine hay meadows, and one of the most interesting areas that the Austrian mountains have to offer. Here you walk along old trails through a wavy, fragrant and colourful sea of flowers and herbs. The Mussen’s abundance of species is unique. More than 500 plant species, including over 280 so-called higher plants, have contributed to the Mussen’s reputation as "flower mountain" of a special kind.

The main flowering period is at the end of June, beginning of July.

During this time, the meadows literally bristle with fragrant carnations, beautiful orchids, colourful meadow flowers and many different types of lilies, including the paradise lily.

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The Gailtal Valley, Lesachtal Valley and Lake Weissensee are located along the Carnic Alps in Carinthia in the south of Austria.

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