Weissenbach Gorge in the Gitschtal Valley

Wild & romantic - carved into the limestone-tuff rock over centuries

It is hard to believe that the Weißenbach, a small stream that has carved its way through the limestone-tuff rock over centuries, has created this natural treasure. But the Weißenbach Gorge to the north-east of Jadersdorf is one of the most beautiful in Carinthia. It is wild and romantic. You will see waterfalls and many small springs that emerge crystal clear from the rock in numerous places. A pure pleasure! 

The hiking trail through the Weißenbach Gorge leads partly through the forest and partly through the deep gorge. The vegetation is diverse, and with a bit of luck you might catch a glimpse of a salamander or a lizard. The small fault scarps in the terrain and the zigzag course in the lower part of the gorge are intriguing and invite you to look around and explore. In the upper part, the gorge narrows and hikers have to overcome the sometimes quite high rock steps via well-secured and stable wooden ladders.

For more information, contact the Gitschtal Tourist Office at +43 4286 219 or gitschtal.tourist@ktn.gde.at.

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