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The Lerchenhof has a long history: the castle was built 170 years ago and has been owned by the Steinwender family since 1880. They have dedicated themselves entirely to regional cuisine. At their castle, the Gailtal Valley is put on the table, the transport ways of the ingredients for the fine cuisine are as short as possible. More than 80 local producers support the "zero-kilometre-philosophy" and thus also fulfil the Slow Food requirements. The Steinwenders also produce their heat and energy completely self-sufficiently with the help of the farm's own hydroelectric power plant. Junior Johann Steinwender is now in charge of the kitchen, and is the pioneer when it comes to using regional, authentic and honest products. His commitment to kindergartens and schools ensures that even the youngest are aware of good and clean food.

Our quality seal

Kärntner Genuss Wirt

Based on the AMA Gastrosiegel, every Kärntner Genuss Wirt undertakes to place special emphasis on products from Genussland Kärnten producers and Genuss Region specialities in their kitchen. Quality and origin are the top priority: milk, butter, curd cheese, whipping cream, eggs, fruit, vegetables, freshwater fish, beef and pork must be from Carinthia or Austria. Compliance is controlled by AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria).

EU protection

Slow Food certificated!

Genussland Kärnten

This umbrella brand is a reliable guide for all those who value guaranteed quality and transparent, controlled origin when buying food. Only products that grow, ripen and mature and are processed according to clearly defined criteria are allowed to carry this trademark. Genussland Kärnten products can be found at licensed businesses - farmers and food processors, farm shops, wine taverns and at selected grocery shops.

Our product areas

Gailtal Valley bacon variations

Gailtal Valley bacon PGI

Gailtal Valley bacon variations

Gailtaler Schinkenspeck: Gailtal Valley bacon is very juicy. It is the leg of the pig without the bone.

Gailtaler Karreespeck: Gailtal Valley back fat is very traditional. And consists of a side divided into loin and belly.

Gailtaler Schulterspeck: Gailtal Valley bacon of pork shoulder is extremely tasty and is produced from the front shoulder.

Gailtaler Bauchspeck: Gailtal Valley belly of pork is more full-flavoured and consists of one side of bacon divided into loin and belly.

Gailtal Valley bacon PGI

Our regional Gailtal Valley bacon PGI (EU-protected geographical indication) must fulfil many criteria in order to receive its seal of quality. The fattening, slaughtering, processing and smoking take place on the same farm. The pig is already cut into different sides of bacon after slaughter so that it can be sealed while still ‘green’. This means that the product can be traced back to the barn of origin. Gailtaler Speck PGI is marked with the green seal as proof of quality so that customers can clearly recognise the original bacon.

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Restaurant Schlössl Lerchenhof"

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